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  • 'Mediator case' The president of the Control Commission of the European Parliament urges to seek if the plot of 'Tito Berni' achieved EU funds

The magistrate investigating the Mediator case, Ángeles Lorenzo-Cáceres, has agreed to send the proceedings carried out to date to the European Public Prosecutor's Office so that it can verify if there are facts that are within its competence.

"Given the status of the present proceedings" it is appropriate to release office to that prosecutor's office to see if in this case there has been a diversion of European funds, explains the magistrate in her car.

According to the summary, it is possible that there could be an alleged diversion of European funds, which is why the magistrate has made this request.

Specifically, the material for which the instructor has addressed the European Public Ministry are the actions that refer to the project of the International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (Fiiapp) to strengthen the capacity of the Rapid Action Groups for Monitoring and Intervention, which operate within the gendarmeries of six African countries.

The project was directed until 2021 by Civil Guard General Francisco Espinosa Navas, the only one of the members of the plot that the judge has sent to jail. Judge Lorenzo-Cáceres investigates a network allegedly led by the general and former socialist deputy Juan Bernardo Fuentes Curbelo, Tito Berni for the plot.

Police investigators, in their first conclusions, indicated that members of the "criminal group," as the judge refers to him, charged 'bites' in exchange for money and gifts.

The investigators maintain that the group pursued "an obvious lucrative purpose by obtaining economic enrichment as well as different personal benefits as a result of illicit actions."

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