"I've been able to build a relationship with him and make a deeper portrait. Then it's been very difficult at times. Sven Yrvind is a very special man who is impossible to control, which is often good in a documentary, but it has also been a challenge, says director Andras Eidhagen about the filming of the film.

Should we live more like Yrvind?

The film The Sea Philosopher is not only about sailing, but also about how we should live our lives. Sven Yrvind thinks that most of us are stuck in the squirrel wheel where we go to the office 40 hours a week to earn money to consume more. He himself has never had a job.

"A lot of people, especially up until the 80s, have condemned him as a lunatic. But I think there are lessons to be learned from him. I think everyone would feel good about living ten percent more like Yrvind," says Andras Eidhagen.

Building a new boat

Part of the documentary takes place in Yrvind's workshop in Västervik and it is also where SVT Nyheter Småland meets him. There he is in the process of constructing another boat that he hopes will be ready next year. Then he will make a third attempt to sail to New Zealand. Twice before, in 2018 and 2019, he has canceled the trip.

Do you think you'll arrive in New Zealand this time?

- Yes, I think so. If I don't do it this time, we'll take it next time.

The documentary is shown in several countries

The film is partly shot in English and in addition to Sweden it can also be seen in Norway Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This summer, the film will also be available to watch in the UK, US and Canada.

Sven Yrvind has also started recording film clips himself that he posts daily on Youtube and there he has followers from all over the world.