The Russian army, which continues to invade Ukraine, has attacked the area around the capital Kyiv and major cities in the south with missiles and drones by the 22nd, and so far 10 people have been killed.

In Ukraine, a five-story building was attacked by drones in a town on the outskirts of the capital Kyiv on the 22nd, and according to local authorities, nine people have been killed so far.

In the southern city of Zaporozhye, an apartment complex was hit by a Russian military missile, and local authorities said one person was killed and more than 5 people were treated in hospitals.

President Zelensky lashed out, saying, "There will be a military, political and legal response to any Russian attack, and Russian killers should understand that they can be issued an arrest warrant."

The American think tank "Institute of War Studies" pointed out on the 9nd that the attacks by the Russian military were carried out in various places by missiles and drones from the 1st to the 30nd.

However, compared to the large-scale missile attacks that have continued since last autumn, the scale of the attacks is limited, and there may be a shortage of missiles from the Russian army, and the momentum of the Russian attack is weakening even in the fierce battlefield of Bahumt.

Russia shows off its nuclear arsenal and reins on the Western side

On the other hand, Medvedev, deputy chairman of Russia's Security Council, told state media on the 22nd that Russia is working to increase the production of weapons in order to continue the military invasion.

Medvedev added: "The nuclear threat is growing, as foreign weapons continue to supply Ukraine with weapons. Russia has the upper hand in strategic nuclear forces," he said, showing off his nuclear forces to restrain the West.