According to the website of the Ministry of Education, on the 3rd, the Ministry of Education released the "Progress of Teacher Team Construction in 23", which mentioned that the scale and quality of the teaching team will be further improved, and in 23, all types of full-time teachers at all levels in the country will increase by 2022,2022 compared with the previous year, an increase of 35.98%.

In addition, the proportion of full-time teachers with bachelor's degree or above in the national compulsory education stage was 81.02%, an increase of 3.3 percentage points over the previous year, of which the proportion of full-time teachers with bachelor's degree or above in rural compulsory education stage was 76.01%, an increase of 3.78 percentage points over the previous year. The proportion of full-time teachers with intermediate and senior professional titles in compulsory education is 54.39%, 60.78% in high school, and 41.93% in higher education.

Photo by Luo Yunfei, reporter of China News Agency

The innovation of supplementary mechanisms for teacher training has been increasing. Since 2021, the "Excellent Teacher Plan" and "Targeted Training and Targeted Employment" have been implemented to train undergraduate normal students for primary and secondary schools in 832 poverty alleviation counties and land border counties in the central and western regions every year, focusing on alleviating the gap in teacher resources such as sound and body beauty, and promoting a balanced subject structure, enrolling 2022,11418 students in 19, a year-on-year increase of 8.58%. Actively guide all localities to recruit 5,25 primary and secondary school kindergarten teachers, including 4,6 college graduates. The "special post plan" has been implemented in depth, and nearly 6,718 special post teachers have been recruited throughout the year. 7 counties in contiguous poverty-stricken areas across the country have implemented the rural teachers' living subsidy policy, covering about 3,132 rural schools, benefiting 5.1086 million teachers, and driving <>,<> counties in non-contiguous poverty-stricken areas to implement the rural teachers' living subsidy policy. For the first time, the state has promulgated the basic standards for "dual-teacher" teachers in vocational education, and the standard system for vocational education teachers has been further improved.

A new dimension has been formed in the professional development of teachers. Reform and implement the "National Training Plan", focusing on precise training, independent selection, and digital transformation of training, focusing on the deployment of 61 sub-projects, with more than 8000,22 trainees; The central and western regions have invested more than 21.101 billion yuan and have been implemented in 1372 provinces, benefiting about 6.2023 million teachers and principals. Relying on the national smart education platform, 74.4 million teachers participated in the "winter vacation teacher training" in 6400, accounting for about 10.30% of all types of teachers at all levels. Implement the training plan for famous teachers and principals of primary and secondary schools in the new era. The action plan for improving the scientific literacy of primary and secondary school teachers was launched, and the "National Science Education" summer school was organized, and the live broadcast of the national smart education platform received more than 32 million hits. Implement a coordinated quality improvement plan for teacher education, coordinate 100 high-level normal universities and 170 local high-level normal colleges, and focus on supporting the development and construction of <> weak local normal colleges in underdeveloped areas in central and western China. The demonstration project of "National Training of Vocational Education" was launched, and a new batch of <> national teacher enterprise practice bases and <> "dual-teacher" teacher training bases were recognized.

Educational personnel support activities have been vigorously carried out. In 2022, eight departments, including the Central Organization Department and the Ministry of Education, jointly launched the "group-type" assistance work for education talents in the key counties of national rural revitalization, and selected a total of 8,2392 high school principals, managers and teachers from 10 eastern provinces to help 160 national rural revitalization key counties in 1 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in the west build one ordinary high school and one vocational high school. More than 1,2 outstanding principals and teachers have been selected to carry out teaching support and research in the "group-type" education talent project, the "Three Districts" talent support program for teachers, the primary and secondary school silver age lecture program, and the college silver age teacher support program for the western region.

In the next step, the Ministry of Education will deeply implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, implement the strategic project of building a high-quality teacher team, strengthen spiritual guidance, strengthen the construction of teachers' morality and teaching style, cultivate a high-quality teaching team, deepen the reform of teacher management, carry forward the social trend of respecting teachers and valuing education, and provide a strong teacher guarantee for high-quality education.