Olivier Delacroix SEASON 2022 - 202305h00, March 23, 2023

On May 10, 2011, Grégory, 35, left the home of his mother, Armelle, to go to work. Like every morning, he leaves by train from Meaux to reach the capital. But in the evening, he does not return. For nearly a year and a half, Armelle has no news of her son. Police station, firefighters, messages on social networks... She tries everything to find him. One day, while rummaging through her belongings, she realizes that her son has been out of work for three months and has been lying to her... How to overcome the emptiness of disappearance? What script should be written to cultivate hope? And how to send the departed a final message of love? In this episode of "Dans les Yeux d'Olivier", the podcast adapted by Europe 1 Studio, Armelle entrusts her story to Olivier Delacroix. She confides her fears and tells the pain of being without news of her son for ten months.

Topics covered: disappearance - parent without news - missing child - loss of contact - family relationships - missing investigation - reconstruction - testimony - psychology

"Dans les yeux d'Olivier" is a Europe 1 Studio podcast

Presenter: Olivier Delacroix
Director: Kevin Housty
Producers: Clémence Olivier and Fannie Rascle
Graphics: Cosa Vostra

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