• Leadership The intrahistory of the Sánchez-Díaz pact that applauds errejonismo: "A very well synchronized work" isolating Podemos
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The PSOE and the Popular Party will delve into their political differences on the closing day of the debate on the motion of censure presented by Vox with Professor Ramón Tamames as candidate for the Presidency of the Government.

After the whole day on Tuesday, the debate of the motion will resume this Wednesday with the interventions to fix the position of the parliamentary spokesmen of the PP and the PSOE, the only ones who did not intervene today. However, both the candidate and any member of the Executive could intervene if he deems it appropriate and without time limit.

In fact, Tamames, at the end of the socialist spokesman, is expected to intervene to respond to all the interventions. Then, the parliamentary groups - mainly the majority ones, except UP, which have not exhausted their time - will reply. Then, according to Vox, the candidate will intervene again.

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Sánchez launches his 'electoral ticket' with Díaz taking advantage of the useless motion of Vox

The motion of censure of Vox against Pedro Sánchez, with Professor Ramón Tamames as an alternative candidate for the presidency of the Government, yesterday became an electoral platform tailored to Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz. For the two together, as a ticket, for the general elections scheduled for the end of the year.

Read here the complete information of Marisa Cruz.

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The intrahistory of the Sánchez-Díaz pact that applauds errejonismo

The tribune of speakers of the Congress of Deputies served on Tuesday as a catapult for the candidacy of Yolanda Díaz for the general elections to be held at the end of the year. Even the Vox candidate himself to the motion of censure that was being debated in the hemicycle and to which the second vice president of the Government, Ramón Tamames, was supposedly giving the reply, did not ignore the observation: "It has been a speech of presentation of a political project that I think is called Sumar".

Read here the complete information of Marta Belver, Raúl Piña and Álvaro Carvajal.

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Vox trusts that the intervention of the PP is "friendly"

Vox trusts that the intervention of the PP is "friendly", since they emphasize that the motion "is against the Government" and not against them and sources of the parliamentary group affect that their enemies "are the left and the independentistas".

The second day of debate is expected to end around noon with the presence of the President of the Government, who will attend the final vote, which will be nominal, by call and in alphabetical order, although the letter by which it begins will be chosen by lot.

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Espinosa defends the motion as a retaining wall against Sánchez

The spokesman for Vox in Congress, Iván Espinosa, has defended the motion of censure as a "wall of containment against sanchismo and separatism" and has reproached the PP for refusing to lead "what is a clamor of the street" against the Government of Pedro Sánchez.

"With this motion of censure we raise to the political category of normal what at street level is fully normal," said Espinosa, referring to the appointment of President Adolfo Suárez, during his speech in the debate of the motion presented by Vox with the independent Ramón Tamames as a candidate for president.

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Congress will reject today the second motion of Vox and Tamames

The Congress will reject on Wednesday the second motion of Vox against the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and his candidate, the economist Ramón Tamames, who will listen from the seat of Santiago Abascal the justification offered by the spokesperson of the PP, Cuca Gamarra, to the abstention announced by the popular.

The plenary session of Congress will resume at 9.00 am the debate of this motion of censure, the sixth of democracy, which will only have the 52 supports of the parliamentary group of Vox and against which the PP has decided to abstain, despite the fact that in the first motion of Vox, in 2020, it voted against.

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