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In the restaurant industry, 200,000 jobs are unfilled. Faced with this situation, restaurateurs are redoubling their imagination and could well work with robots to replace servers. In France, 2,000 are already used in restaurants.

We have often told you about the problem of labor in the restaurant industry: 200,000 jobs are unfilled throughout the country. What answer proposed to restaurateurs in need of arms? Robot servers could partly alleviate this need or lighten the workload of employees. In France, 2,000 robots are already in use in restaurants. Europe 1 visited one of these establishments, in Champs-sur-Marne, Seine-et-Marne.

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Relieve server workload

"Smart glasses and adorable, I'm so good at delivering meals." Peanut is the latest addition to this Asian restaurant. For two months, this small robot of 1m20 passes in the aisles to bring meals and drinks to customers. "Here is your food, please take the dishes on tray 1. Bon appetit," he tells customers.

For @Europe1 I went on a report to discover a robot server. The future of catering? A question that arises in a period where restaurateurs are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit.

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Patrick, a regular at the restaurant, appreciates the presence of this robot but believes that it should not replace humans. "When it's the rush in the restaurant, it can relieve the employees and bring in extra manpower. After that, it must not be to the detriment of the workforce employed. There must be automation like you can find in a supermarket at the checkouts," he said.

Less costs for restaurateurs

A very important robot for the proper functioning of the establishment. As Olivier, the boss, explains. "He can be helpful 24/24, he doesn't go on leave, he's never sick. If we are two to work, with a robot in addition, it will avoid us to pay an extra salary and it will allow us to pay less charges, "he explains to the microphone of Europe 7.

If it does not completely replace a server, this small assistant at least makes it possible to lighten its workload and therefore potentially to better retain it. "Task accomplished. Peanut goes into standby," the robot announces.