We have previously told you that the region intends to open new permanent vaccination centers in Norrköping, Linköping and Motala.

Vaccination centres Eastern and Central, as they will be called, are at the planning stage. But as for the vaccination center Västra in Motala, construction has already begun in the Luxor arena. Where Östra and Central will be located in Norrköping and Linköping, the Region cannot yet make public.

"We are currently in dialogue with Saab Arena and Messukeshallarna about how we can continue to rent and vaccinate in their premises until our own permanent ones open. And we intend to open them within a year, says Kerstin Jonsson, chief physician at the region's vaccination unit.

Until the new premises open, vaccinations in the sports halls will continue.

The itinerant vaccination centres will also be made permanent. They offer different types of vaccinations and, according to Kerstin Jonsson, are a good way to reach out where vaccination coverage is lower. Watch our visit to Valdemarsvik in the clip below.

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The activities of mobile vaccination teams may be made permanent. Photo: SVT