After nearly two years of hard work, the "May 5" earthquake recovery and reconstruction project in Yunnan has been completed

After the earthquake, he got back on his feet

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On May 2021, 5, a 21.6 magnitude earthquake struck Yangbi Yi Autonomous County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. After nearly two years of hard work, the reconstruction of private houses has been completed, and most of the restoration and reconstruction projects have entered the final stage. Through post-disaster reconstruction, Yangbi County provides opportunities for migrant workers and upgrades and rebuilds public facilities, which not only ensures the basic livelihood of the people, but also promotes the recovery and development of the local economy and society.

On May 2021, 5, a 21.6-magnitude earthquake struck Yangbi Yi Autonomous County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, damaging 4,16686 homes and causing direct economic losses of 18.7 billion yuan. Only 20 days after the earthquake, work and production were fully resumed; 25 days after the earthquake, quickly start recovery and reconstruction; Less than two years after the earthquake, the reconstruction of private houses was completed, and the vast majority of restoration and reconstruction projects entered the final stage... How to get back on your feet after the earthquake? Recently, the reporter came to the Yangbi epicenter again.

Reinforcement of dangerous houses comes first

Orderly rescue after the earthquake

"The walls are cracked, the tiles are off, but the wooden frame of the house holds on!" Standing in front of the new residence, Liao Guoyuan, a villager in Hexi Village, Cangshan West Town, Yangbi County, introduced to reporters the old residence that had not yet been demolished on the mountainside in the distance.

"A few years ago, the government funded the reinforcement of the mortise and tenon joints of the old house, so that the house could withstand the test of the earthquake. The epicenter was in Xiuling Village, Cangshan West Town, and there were no deaths due to the collapse of houses in the earthquake, and even very few people were injured by the earthquake. Luo Wenxiong, deputy mayor of Cangshan West Town, said that Yunnan Province has continued to promote the reinforcement and renovation project of dilapidated houses in rural areas, which has greatly reduced the casualties caused by the earthquake.

"Earthquake prevention and disaster reduction and improving the seismic strength of houses are the most effective preventive measures." Zhang Shiwei, secretary of the Yangbi County Party Committee, said. Due to the occurrence of many pre-earthquakes above magnitude 6 before the occurrence of the 4.5 magnitude earthquake, the local people were more vigilant; and as early as several pre-earthquakes, the Yangbi County Party Committee and the county government had set up an earthquake relief headquarters in Xiuling Village. At the same time, the structure of the house is still in place, which also reduces the difficulty of personnel search and rescue, and some people with minor injuries can be found as soon as possible and treated in time.

In fact, after the main earthquake, the staff of the Yangbi County Earthquake Relief Command rushed to Xiuling Village, the epicenter, in less than an hour. Within two hours, the first rescue forces from outside the county arrived at the scene to participate in the rescue. "When I saw the people from the party committee and government coming, my heart was calmed at once!" Zhang Jiancheng, a villager in Xiuling Village, said that when the earthquake occurred on May 2021, 5, many people were already living in tents early the next morning. More than 21,602 party members and cadres from 5000 grassroots party organizations and more than <>,<> party members and cadres in Yangbi County set up "vanguard teams of party members", "shock teams of party members" and "service stations of party members" at the earthquake relief site.

Luo Wenxiong calculated an economic account for reporters: "The government subsidy for strengthening a household is about 2000,<> yuan, but through reinforcement, most houses only need to be repaired after the earthquake, without reconstruction, which reduces the cost of house reconstruction; For families, a person's injury or disability due to an earthquake not only means one less laborer, but also an additional financial burden. ”

Preventive measures to strengthen seismic strength and rapid and orderly rescue have built a line of defense for the safety of people's lives.

The reconstruction of private houses is fast

The masses moved to new homes as soon as possible

Few casualties do not mean that the disaster is not serious: before the earthquake, many farmers lived in old houses built in the last century, although the structure was there, but the walls were torn and collapsed, and there were many houses in Yangbi County that needed to be demolished and rebuilt. According to statistics, the county needs to demolish and rebuild 2112,14574 households, repair and strengthen <>,<> households, and the task of restoring and rebuilding private houses is arduous.

"Only by doing the work in detail can we improve the speed of the recovery and reconstruction of private houses." Dong Jianxun, deputy magistrate of Yangbi County, said that the construction of the Jinxing centralized resettlement site, which has the largest number of relocated households and the largest scale in the county, took only 51 days. Yangbi County refined the "one household, one plan", dispatched 620 cadres to set up 66 post-disaster recovery and reconstruction teams, and more than 3000,16686 cadres and workers undertook the restoration and reconstruction of <>,<> houses.

Funding is critical for post-disaster recovery. "For the funds of the private housing reconstruction project, the relevant departments not only specially increased the budget, but also issued funds in advance, ensuring the quality of the restoration and reconstruction of private houses and accelerating the speed of recovery and reconstruction." Dong Jianxun said. In addition to subsidies for the restoration and reconstruction of private houses by governments at all levels, Yangbi County has also launched "Housing Loan" and "Happy Home Loan", which will give interest discounts for up to 5 years for the part of the reconstruction target loan within 3,50 yuan, and the county finance will give interest discount subsidies at 5% of the basic interest rate of the loan; Actively coordinate with county real estate enterprises, on the basis of paying the reconstruction fund subsidy, real estate enterprises will give preferential treatment of 20,23-52,14 yuan per house, and leverage bank loans of <>.<> billion yuan to invest in post-disaster recovery and reconstruction of private houses; In order to solve the problem of building materials supply, the county government coordinated <> building materials suppliers to supply cement, steel and other building materials at preferential rates, and also provided <> sets of construction drawings for the public to choose from.

On January 2022, 1, Yangbi fully completed the task of restoring and rebuilding private houses, and the people in the disaster-stricken areas warmed up in their new homes. In the foothills of Cangshan Mountain, on the bank of the Yangjiang River, the new houses in Xiuling Village are scattered. "If you hadn't walked into the memorial hall built by the village, you wouldn't have seen any traces of the earthquake." Walking along the paved new roads in the village, Zhang Jiancheng said.

"I saved some money before, the government made up some of it, plus bank loans, and now I have a new house." I didn't expect to move to a new home so soon and return to normal life! Yang Ruyi from Huai'an Village, Cangshan West Town, Yangbi County, moved into a new house and opened a commissary, earning 20,000 or 30,000 yuan a year. Now, she has a little more hope for the future, "As long as people are okay, the money can always be earned." ”

Utilities upgraded

Develop industries to increase income

An earthquake caused many affected people to increase their spending on building houses, bringing challenges to local stable poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. The reporter's interview found that with the rapid progress of post-disaster recovery and reconstruction projects, a large number of new employment opportunities have been added. Many people said that construction workers earned about 150 yuan a day, which effectively supplemented the cost of building people's houses. Luo Wenxiong calculated the account for the reporter, a strong laborer will earn 20,3000 yuan per month for <> days, which can basically cover the monthly expenses of the whole family.

As a traditional walnut producing area, the per capita walnut planting area in Yangbi County is nearly 10 mu, so how to stabilize the price of sales is directly related to the income of the people. "On the one hand, we have introduced a reward policy for large walnut buyers to attract enterprises to purchase walnuts in Yangbi and help farmers expand walnut sales; On the other hand, we actively cooperate with scientific research institutes to support enterprises to improve the level of walnut deep processing and increase the added value of products. Jiang Zhigang, director of the Yangbi County Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, said. With the cultivation of other planting and breeding industries and the recovery of tourism, the income of the Yangbi people has also increased.

"The new school building has applied seismic isolation technology, and the seismic performance has been further improved. You see the brand new running track, and this indoor basketball court, how nice! At the new campus of Yangbi No. 2022 Middle School, Tian Runhai, director of the Yangbi County Education and Sports Bureau, said that on August 8, 27, the landmark project of the "5·21" 6.4-magnitude earthquake recovery and reconstruction public construction project in Yangbi County No. <> Junior High School was completed and put into use. At present, the reinforcement of schools damaged by the earthquake in the county has been completed.

"The level of public infrastructure construction has been greatly improved." Dong Jianxun introduced that at present, the post-disaster recovery and reconstruction project in Yangbi County has entered the final stage. In the past, more than 1/3 of the sewage in the county was not fully collected and treated, but with the upgrading of the post-disaster recovery and reconstruction project, all sewage in the county will be discharged after the treatment meets the standard; The rural roads built in Yangbi County in the past have also achieved leapfrog development through restoration and reconstruction, and the management has also leapt to the forefront of the state.

Zhang's farmhouse business is becoming more and more prosperous, Yang Ruyi's commissary business is thriving, and in the new campus of Yangbi County People's Hospital, hardware and software have been significantly improved. New villages, new lives, and a new page is being opened after the earthquake.

(Reporter Yang Wenming, People's Daily)