2,140 homes, a secondary school and three neighbourhood parks. It is part of the content of "Zoning Plan 3" for the Backaplan project, which was recently sent for consultation. And there is broad agreement among the parties on what the new houses should look like.

Built in classic neighborhood style

In an additional request to the zoning plan, all parties except the Christian Democrats and the Sweden Democrats go forward by saying that they want it to be built in a classic neighborhood style.

The fact that the Christian Democrats are not included is because their member is disqualified, due to the fact that he works on a daily basis at a real estate company that owns land in the area.

Listened to the people of Gothenburg

According to the chairman of the building committee, Johannes Hulter (S), it is this classic style that people are now investing in that gothenburgers would most like to see.

"You want nice houses and a more vibrant and fun city for you to enjoy yourself," he says.

Should politicians decide what's nice?

"What is nice and what is not, people decide for themselves, of course, but our task as politicians is to listen to the citizens.

See what the chairman of the building committee thinks is nice and hear more about the Gothenburg of the future in the clip.