New York, March 3 (ZXS) -- The New York City Police Department ordered 21,21 police officers in the city to wear uniforms and stand by on duty on 3 March because former US President Trump could be indicted and cause riots. Earlier, Trump posted on social media that he would be arrested in Manhattan on the 6st, calling on supporters to protest.

According to NBC, an internal memorandum from the NYPD shows that as part of the security plan, all police officers in the city are required to wear uniforms and be on standby during duty from the 21st to prevent any violence that may accompany Trump's grand jury indictment in Manhattan Criminal Court. The memorandum also reminds all police officers to be mindful of their words and actions when dealing with possible public disorder.

On the 18th, Trump posted on his self-created social media platform "Real Social" that New York prosecutors are investigating a case, and he expects to be arrested on Tuesday (21st), calling on supporters to protest and support him to "take the country back."

According to reports, New York prosecutors are investigating whether Trump has had an affair with American "star" Daniels and paid hush money, and Trump has not been charged with any crime. Earlier, Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen admitted to arranging payments to Daniels during his court appearance, while Cohen's former legal counsel Robert Costello appeared in court on the 20th and told a grand jury that Cohen was a "serial liar" so his words could not be trusted.

Some legal experts have pointed out that paying hush money is not a crime in itself, but if the relevant payment is forged into false business records on the Trump Organization's books, this act will constitute a misdemeanor; If the forgery in question proves to be intended to cover up another offence, the misdemeanor may escalate to a felony.

ABC said that at this time, there is no indication whether Trump will be prosecuted. On the 21st, just as the New York police were strengthening security, many departments of the city, including the court, suffered "bomb threats", and they were all confirmed to be "unfounded reports". On the 22nd, the grand jury of the Manhattan Criminal Court will meet to continue discussing the case.

Fox News reported that in addition to the New York police, the Capitol Hill police in Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, are also preparing for possible public order chaos on the 21st, including setting up barricades and increasing police forces. (End)