It was on Tuesday last week that 49-year-old Maha Kadoura was taken by ambulance to hospital in connection with complications during a visit to a plastic surgeon.

Maha's sister Ayman Kadoura says that she wanted to correct her stomach, but that it was a minor procedure.

"She has a swollen stomach after a caesarean section twenty years ago, and wanted to correct her muscles," says Ayman.

As the visit dragged on, Maha's husband, who was waiting outside, became worried. He waited for an answer, and was then told that Maha was having a hard time waking up.

"They said they didn't know she had a hard time waking up, but how is she supposed to know? It's the doctor's responsibility," Ayman said.

The clinic: "Sitting with its own internal investigation"

The ambulance took her to the hospital but her life could not be saved.

What happened inside the clinic, the family does not know. Maha had diabetes but it is unclear if it affected the tragic outcome. The Oranos Clinic does not want to participate in an interview and refers to patient confidentiality, but writes that they received with great sadness the news that the patient had died.

"We have gone back to the treatment we performed at our clinic to carefully scrutinize ourselves and ensure that the responsible anesthesiologist followed all procedures. We are currently sitting with our own internal investigation."

They also write that an employee was suspended pending investigation.

"Do it for other people's siblings"

For the family, the grief is great. A beloved family member is now no longer there. Ayman Kadoura wants to know what happened during the visit, and whether the clinic did everything to save her sister's life.

"It didn't help my sister. But I'd love to do it for other people's siblings.

Hear Ayman Kadoura narrate in the clip.