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The dark side of fame has once again taken its toll on the realm of actors. On this occasion, Paul Grant – one of the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi (1983) and a goblin in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001) – was found dead a few days ago in the central London train station of King's Cross.

The Briton fell into a spiral of self-destruction since he separated from his wife, Janet Crowson, spending his entire fortune on drugs, alcohol and prostitutes. He was even rescued from the street.

I'm just enjoying it. I can drink a whole fucking day or a month, but I'm not an addict

Almost a decade ago he gave an interview following the publication in networks of some images in which he was seen snorting stripes of cocaine and drinking expired beer cans. As he confessed to the Sunday Mirror, he blamed himself for the separation because he had been unfaithful on several occasions. He confessed to the aforementioned tabloid that "I had a family, I was married and now I am divorced. I've lost everything. I have nothing. Not my stuff, not photos or clothes." At the time he posted his status: "I need help. I've taken cocaine and it's gotten worse. I drink and smoke what I can."

After collapsing at the station, he was rushed to the hospital where his brain death was declared, subsequently disconnecting the machine that kept him alive.

He was always clear that he had to capitalize on his small stature – he measured 132 cm – to avoid insults and generate money. Hence, Hollywood recruited him for some of his productions such as Inside the Labyrinth (1986), with David Bowie, who died seven years ago.

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He was rushed to the hospital, where he was declared brain dead, but on Sunday the machine that kept him alive was disconnected, according to his family. The cause of his death has not yet been announced. When the news of his death broke, his daughter Sophie Jayne remembered her father "as someone always had a smile and made everyone laugh."

About a month ago Paul admitted to the YouTube channel Revelation 22:13 that "I've been drinking too much and today will be my last day of drunkenness." But he also made it clear, fooling himself, that "I'm not addicted to anything" and that "I'm just enjoying myself. I can drink a whole fucking day or a month, but I'm not an addict."

The interpreter has left heartbroken three children - two women and a man - several grandchildren and his last life partner, Maria Dwyer (64).

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