"A total of three facilities have been destroyed by this hour. They tried to penetrate the bay, our sailors fired at them with small arms. Air defense also worked on an air target. The warships were not damaged," he said.

According to the governor of Sevastopol, due to the explosions of the UAV, the glazing in the buildings suffered, there were no injuries among the population.

"The military confidently and calmly repelled the attack of enemy drones on Sevastopol. Monitoring of the situation continues. All operational services are at the ready," Razvozhaev added.

On February 16, two drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were shot down over the Black Sea in Sevastopol.

On March 1, the Russian army prevented an attempt by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to conduct a massive drone attack on the Crimea.

Air defense forces shot down six attack drones, four more were disabled with the help of electronic warfare. There were no casualties or destruction on the ground.