So he commented on the publication of bloomberg that Chinese President Xi Jinping "did not give explicit consent" to the supply of Russian gas.

"Bloomberg gives reports, but does not specify the source ... Just such low-skilled stuffing. The reality is quite different: expansion issues were discussed. By the way, yesterday, on the day of negotiations, Gazprom broke the historical record of daily pipeline gas supplies to China... The Power of Siberia-2 was also actively discussed, and it was said that all the details, all the formalities had been agreed," Peskov told reporters.

The plans concern the further expansion of cooperation in this area, the Kremlin spokesman said.

On the eve of President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with his Chinese counterpart said that energy cooperation between Russia and China is expanding: the total volume of gas supplies by 2030 will be at least 98 billion cubic meters. m plus 100 million tons of liquefied natural gas.

In addition, the parties discussed a new gas pipeline "Power of Siberia -2". According to Putin, almost all the parameters of this agreement have been agreed.