• Muay Thai martial arts: the Spanish apprentices of the most violent sport
  • Courts Sentenced to 12 years in prison the Muay Thai champion who killed a prisoner in Soto del Real

The Municipal Police arrested last Saturday morning a French champion of Muay Thai, 25, after assaulting four agents on the Paseo de La Castellana in Madrid. The arrested, who was touring in the capital visiting a brother who is studying an Erasmus scholarship, is a professional of this martial art in his country, according to his subsequent statement. Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, is the national sport of Thailand.

All four officers were injured with bruises, bruises and blows to the face and body. Two of them are still out due to head trauma and the other due to a possible injury to the vertebra. The two mildest were discharged Tuesday afternoon.

The police intervention took place around 6.00 am last Saturday. The French tourist, very corpulent and 1.90 meters high, was expelled from a nearby nightclub for an incident. He then went to Paseo de la Castellana, 48 and lay on the ground. Pedestrians and drivers immediately alerted emergencies because of the danger he was running, and warned that he was an apparently very drunk young man.

The first to go were the doctors of the Samur, who were interested in his condition and tried to treat him without success, so they notified the Municipal Police. At that moment the man decided to get up and lay down in the gardens on the side of the Paseo de la Castellana. Two patrol cars arrived at the site and two of the agents approached the individual.

One of the policemen touched him in the leg and the young man reacted by kicking him in the chest, after which the officer flew out, according to the police report. The other officer threw himself on top of him to reduce him, but he began to receive blows. A third police officer tried to grab the hand of the martial arts expert and he hit her in the head. Another officer pulled out the shackles to hold him, but he received another heavy blow to the spine.

Finally, six policemen managed to handcuff him and reassure him. As a result of the action, four of the police officers were transferred to the Asepeyo de Coslada medical clinic for assistance. The worst stopped was the agent who suffered the blow to the spine, since he has an injury that affects one of the vertebrae. The officer also remains on leave because of head trauma.

The aggressor was arrested and was first transferred for medical evaluation because he also had several injuries. He was later taken to the National Police station in the Salamanca district. He is accused of a crime of injury and a crime of attack against an agent of the authority. None of the four wounded officers were tasers.

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