Bruno Donnet 09:46, March 22, 2023

Every day, Bruno Donnet watches television, listens to the radio and scans newspapers and social networks to deliver his telescoping. This Wednesday, he is interested in the experience of Marine Le Pen who has been undermined by her impatience.

Every day, Bruno Donnet observes media strategies. This morning, he chose to point his telescope at Marine Le Pen's communication because he was struck by the way she has recently used her vast experience.

Marine Le Pen is a woman of experience. She has been experienced, for ages, in the functioning of the media, she knows perfectly well the workings and the pitfalls.

She therefore knows, in particular, that journalists are people in a hurry. In a hurry to gather information before others, and sometimes even well before their time.

At the moment, for example, on the altar of the more than unpopular pension reform, the political sequence is, it seems, favorable to the National Rally.

As a result, journalists are questioning Marine Le Pen's ambitions. They want to know what would happen to his fate, if a dissolution were to occur.

And that's what Sonia Mabrouk did yesterday morning, right here, on Europe 1. She asked Marine Le Pen what she would do if her political party were to win hypothetical legislative elections: "If we win the legislative elections, there will be a Prime Minister of the National Rally."

Marine Le Pen then responded, but she did not name names. Sonia Mabrouk therefore revived it and asked it more directly: "And why not you?"

At that time, Marine Le Pen's experience spoke: "Well, maybe because I am called to other responsibilities!"

She spoke of "other responsibilities", without ever naming them.

What for? Well, simply because as she is very experienced, she knows that one does not declare oneself a candidate for a presidential election four years before the deadline! It's useless and nobody cares.

Moreover, the day before yesterday, in the corridors of the national assembly, while a journalist from BFM-TV was magnifying her to find out whether or not she would be a candidate, next time: "There will be a Marine Le Pen bulletin in 2027 so, is it sure?"

She replied, very clearly, that it was not to a politician as experienced as her, that we were going to learn to make faces: "Finally you are not going to make me say today if I would be a candidate or not, you are nice, I have too much experience for that! "

And yes my little man, it is not BFM-TV that will make an experienced politician say if she will be a candidate in four years!

The presidential election, we think about it every day but we never talk about it, it's a rule of brass.

Bruno Donnet really liked this little episode on Monday because Marine Le Pen did not lie.

Indeed, it was not BFM who made her say that she would be a candidate in 2027, it was she who went there like a great. So listen to what she answered the question: what will it take if the pension reform is passed? "So what's left? Vote Marine Le Pen in 2027! »

Marine Le Pen will have to vote in 2027. And since she has far too much experience to be trapped, she even repeated it a second time: "Either the motion of censure is voted (...) either the Constitutional Council censures (...) or we will have to vote for Marine Le Pen in 2027! »

The media experience is a powerful ally in political life: "Yes, finally, you are not going to make me say today if I would be a candidate or not, you are nice, I have too much experience for that."

Even if, sometimes, impatience comes to amuse itself by sticking sticks in the wheels.