Burkina Faso: a supply convoy arrived in Djibo

Location of Djibo, Burkina Faso. © RFI

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In Burkina Faso, for the first time since last November, the northern city of Djibo was supplied by road. A large convoy, secured by the army, arrived late Tuesday. In the middle of the zone of jihadist attacks, the city was, in recent months, supplied by air.


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It's a breath of fresh air " says a shopkeeper from Djibo. 74 trucks, escorted by the army, entered the capital of Soum late Tuesday. Under the tarpaulins of heavy trucks: rice, sorghum, millet, infant flour, "food more than essential," says a humanitarian source on the ground who recalls that it was only via an airlift managed by the WFP that the city was supplied.

This Wednesday morning, traders unpack these goods. It's "a relief because the market has been empty lately," says one resident. Part of the food will be managed by Conasur (National Council for Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation).

Watchers intercepted

This important convoy also made it possible to supply the armed forces based in Djibo, including the base of the 14th Inter-Arms Regiment, which is on the front line in the fight against armed groups.

Sign of the difficulty to supply the north of Burkina, the armed forces who secured the route on the RN22 discovered a dozen mines and intercepted lookouts. The trucks moved at pace, the long convoy took 17 days to cover the 95 km of the Kongoussi-Djibo section.

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