Azarov recalled that the "Servant of the People" proposed to introduce new celebrations, including "Cherry Day" and "Peace Day", as well as to rename March 8, cancel the weekend for Victory Day on May 9, leave Christmas on December 25 as a day off, and make January 7 a working day.

"Zelensky destroys the genetic code of Ukrainians," he wrote on Facebook*.

On February 14, the Verkhovna Rada introduced a bill to abolish the celebration of March 8, May 1 and Victory Day - corresponding changes were proposed to be made to the Labor Code of Ukraine to establish Ukrainian holidays.

Verkhovna Rada deputy Maksym Buzhansky later said that the idea to cancel the celebration of Victory Day in Ukraine could only have occurred to those who are upset by the defeat of Nazism.

* Meta product, the activity is recognized as extremist, is banned in Russia by the decision of the Tver Court of Moscow dated 21.03.2022.