Olivier Delacroix SEASON 2022 - 202305h00, March 21, 2023

At the age of 17, Yuri was diagnosed with schizophrenia. It is following a first use of ecstasy that the signs of psychosis are triggered in him. Delirious puffs, forgetfulness, erroneous memories: Yuri loses more and more footing with reality. Then he has the constant impression of being watched by spies, and suffers hallucinations that make him fall into this imaginary parallel world, until he totally doubts his own identity... How to fight this mental illness? What impact has schizophrenia had on her relationships? In this new episode of "Dans les yeux d'Olivier", the podcast adapted by Europe 1 Studio, Youri entrusts his story to Olivier Delacroix. He recounts his daily efforts to survive, and breaks down preconceived ideas about the symptoms of schizophrenia.

Topics covered: schizophrenia symptoms - fighting mental illness - testimonial - relationships

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"Dans les yeux d'Olivier" is a Europe 1 Studio podcast

Presenter: Olivier Delacroix
Director: Matthieu Blaise
Producer: Fannie Rascle
Broadcast and editing manager: Eloïse Bertil
Graphic design: Cosa Vostra