As noted in the grant, future recipients of funding should keep in mind that the training program for Azerbaijani teachers should include online and full-time learning opportunities, improve the quality of teaching, as well as increase the level of English proficiency of students.

In the list of the main goals of the program, the American side included, among other things, providing opportunities for the "professional development" of teachers from the Transcaucasian republic and "strengthening ties" between residents of the United States and Azerbaijan.

"The target audience of potential projects is young and less experienced Azerbaijani English teachers working in public schools, with minimal or no access to advanced training opportunities," the document specifies.

The initiative will be supervised by the US Embassy in Azerbaijan. The budget that the States are ready to allocate for the implementation of the project should not exceed $ 100 thousand.

American non-profit organizations and educational institutions with relevant experience can apply for funding.

Political scientist Yuri Svetov, commenting in a conversation with RT on the new US initiative, recalled that the Americans promote English as one of the main levers of the so-called "soft power".

"On the territory of the states of the former Soviet Union, this consists in displacing, squeezing out the Russian language. I can give an example when I was in Tbilisi at the Niko Pirosmani Gallery. There are no signs in Russian language, signatures - only in English and in Georgian ... Signs with street names in Tbilisi are also in English. Displacing the Russian language is one of the strategies of the Americans. And after language there is a reformatting of consciousness. Therefore, it is reasonable that they took up the teachers," he said.

According to the expert, noteworthy in such "educational" programs is not so much the format of training as the nuances.

"Meanings about the United States as a 'beacon of freedom' are being laid," Svetov summed up.

Earlier it was reported that Washington is ready to allocate funds for a program to "strengthen ties" between the United States and Azerbaijan.

As specified, the work of contractors was also planned to be associated with "strengthening economic ties" between the parties, "combating disinformation."

Recall that the United States for many years has been implementing similar projects in the republics of the former USSR.

According to a number of experts, such a policy is aimed at "brainwashing" and a gradual change in the consciousness of people living in different regions, including the post-Soviet space.