China News Network, March 3 -- According to comprehensive Taiwan media reports, there has been no rainfall in central and southern Taiwan, and the total water used by Tainan residents and industries is controlled below 21 million metric tons per day. In Tai'an Township, Miaoli County, the Atayal tribes also had a water emergency, and the township office held a rain prayer ceremony for 100 years to pray for heaven to send Ganlin. There is also a man in Chiayi County who took a bucket to collect water from his family vegetable garden in order to save water, and drowned because of his physical exhaustion.

Tainan is not the only one short of water

The water situation in central and southern Taiwan continues to be severe, Tainan citizens' livelihood and industrial water combined together, the daily water consumption is controlled below 100 million metric tons, Anping reclaimed water plant held the first phase of water opening ceremony on the 20th, can produce 1,<> tons of reclaimed water per day for high-tech manufacturers in Nanke Park.

Due to the long drought and rain in southern Taiwan, the Zengwen Reservoir and Wushantou Reservoir have a total effective water storage of 20 million metric tons on the 1th, with a water storage rate of 15%. Spring miscellaneous crops in the Jianan area were irrigated last week, and it is estimated that the Zeng Wen and Wushan Tou water systems can still provide Tainan with water for about 19 days.

Water production equipment of Anping reclaimed water plant in Tainan. Taiwan "China Times" photo

Tainan City has also taken many measures to stabilize the water supply, including water reuse; In addition to the reclaimed water, nearly 1,68 tons of recycled water are produced every day to provide irrigation and street cleaning, and the remaining reservoir storage should be no problem until the end of June.

The water situation in central Taiwan is also not good, Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan said that the water level of Deji Reservoir is falling very fast, 1 month ago there was 80% of the water storage, now it has dropped below 60%, and continues to fall very fast, water companies should strengthen response, conceptualization, if the rainfall in the next few months is less or not coming, must respond in advance to ensure that there is no problem with water use in the next few months, hope that the scope of water shortage will not continue to expand.

The mayor of Kaohsiung suggested that the meeting of Taiwan's economic department "Water Resources Bureau" at the end of March can be adjusted to "orange lights", and the river flow of Gaoping River on the 3th is 20.5 tons per second, and after adjusting the original light signal to "yellow lights", the daily water supply will be reduced from 5.145 million tons to 141.141 million tons, and after adjusting to "orange lights", it will drop from 136.4 million tons to <>.<> million tons. It is hoped that the most severe phase of the water situation will be safely passed at the end of April.

The man went to Dazhen alone to fetch water to save water, and almost drowned

Recently, a 31-year-old man surnamed Liu in Water Township, Chiayi County, in order to save water to water his vegetable garden, holding 4 buckets of 20 liters each of them, alone to Jianan Dazhen (a local water conservancy project) to get water, carrying the third barrel when physical exhaustion, soaked in the water can not climb ashore to call for help, a woman just passed by to see the situation, quickly notified the fire department, the water fire brigade quickly arrived, gave life rings and ropes, etc., pulled the man who was almost drowning ashore, and successfully rescued the drowning.

Recently, a man in Water Township, Chiayi County, took 4 buckets of water collection buckets to collect water from Dazhen, Jianan, and drowned when carrying water to the third bucket. Photo by Taiwan's "Lianhe Pao" Lu Huiyu

It is understood that the man who was almost drowned, suspected of watering his vegetable garden in order to save water, saw Jianan Dazhen release water, took 4 barrels of 20 liters of white water collection buckets, went down to Dazhen alone to get water, and carried water to the shore, unexpectedly, when he went up and down to carry water to the third barrel, he was physically exhausted, could not climb ashore, presented the lower body soaked in the water, and the upper body grabbed and lay on the shore to call for help.

The Atayal people have held a rain prayer ceremony for 30 years

There has been no rainfall in central and southern Taiwan for a long time, and the water situation of the Atayal tribes in Tai'an Township, Miaoli County is urgent, and the township office has been holding a rain prayer ceremony on the bank of the Shuikeng River on the 30th, praying for heaven to send ganlin, so that the tribesmen in the township who are mainly engaged in agriculture can live without fear and harvest crops.

The Atayal people have held a rain prayer ceremony for 30 years. Taiwan's "Central News Agency" photo

The Tai'an Township Office pointed out that the Atayal rain festival is a ritual performed due to drought, and the main crops of the early Atayal people were millet or upland rice, and in recent times there were different cash crops, such as bamboo shoots, ginger, green beans, plums, strawberries and tomatoes, etc., all relying on the annual spring rain to moisturize, but in recent years the weather has been abnormal, and the agriculture-based tribesmen have not been able to harvest smoothly as usual.

In addition to agricultural irrigation, Chen Jiji, the mayor of Tai'an Township, said that most areas of the township used water for people's livelihood from the ridge to the tribe, but there was no rainfall for a long time, and the source of the water was drying up day by day, and the tribal people inevitably panicked. He said it had been more than 30 years since the last rain prayer ceremony.