Beijing, 3 Mar (Zhongqing Bao) -- This reporter learned from the Ministry of Public Security today that since last year, the Ministry of Public Security has deployed public security organs across the country to focus on the center and serve the overall situation, and has successively introduced a series of reform measures, including 20 key measures to promote the reform of administrative management services and optimize the business environment, and 30 key measures to serve economic and social development to help stabilize the overall economic market.

In terms of fully helping enterprises to alleviate difficulties and cultivate and stimulate market vitality, measures to facilitate the passage of goods on urban roads have been implemented, 97% of cities above the prefecture level in the country have lifted the restrictions on pickup trucks entering the city, 267 cities above the prefecture level have no restrictions on new energy light vans, and 10 cities have given some medium-sized vans the same right of way as light trucks. The public security organs will also issue guidance on promoting the high-quality development of country houses with relevant departments, with 11,2 country houses under management, 1,24 new country houses under management, and public security organs in 5 provinces opening and operating homestay apps and mini programs, providing free accommodation registration and other services for 6,<> country houses.

In terms of deepening the "cross-provincial application" of public security government services, by the end of 2022, a total of 113.71 million "cross-province through-office" services for household registration transfers, 12,<> "cross-provincial through-office" services for issuing household registration certificates, and <>,<> "cross-provincial through-office" related services for the first application for resident ID cards had been handled. In order to facilitate the elderly, children and other passengers who do not use smartphones to apply for civil aviation electronic temporary boarding certificates, a paper QR code system has been launched at airports across the country.

In 2022, the National Immigration Administration took the initiative to align with the major national development strategies and regional development strategies, and issued policies and measures to support the construction of high-level talent highlands in Beijing, Shanghai and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It has implemented 14 new measures to facilitate the production and operation of enterprises, reformed and optimized the customs inspection and clearance mode of water, land and air ports, served more than 1,7 rapid customs clearance of China-Europe trains throughout the year, and set up more than 227 "one-window acceptance and parallel approval" windows in 300 counties and cities.

In addition, the Ministry of Public Security organized a series of special actions to crack down on new types of money laundering crimes, counterfeit currency crimes, commercial bribery crimes, smuggling crimes, telecommunications network fraud crimes and other prominent illegal crimes, effectively protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the enterprise public. Carry out the fight against gang crime and evil on a regular basis, and in 2022, a total of 1690,<> triad organizations and evil force criminal groups will be destroyed.

The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Public Security said that the public security organs will highlight the convenience of the people and benefit enterprises, focus on protecting business entities, optimizing the business environment, upgrading government services, innovating supervision and law enforcement, and launch more measures to promote development, ensure safety, benefit people's livelihood, and warm people's hearts, and promote the improvement of the standardization, standardization and facilitation of public security government services. (China Youth Daily)