The suspected man is in custody for – and has confessed – to crimes against the peace of grifte and aggravated breach of grave peace. According to the prosecutor, the suspicion of murder also remains, although he is not in custody for it.

The man's defense attorney Stefan Liliebäck tells SVT that the man has admitted to having the woman's body in the freezer since the autumn of 2018. However, prosecutor Linda Karlsson does not want to confirm this at this time.

In the clip, the defense attorney tells us more about what the suspected man said.

The woman had continued earnings

According to the prosecutor, there are many indications that the dead woman is the same person who is written on the address.

NRK reports that the woman had revenues of between NOK 190,000 and NOK 200,000 per year between 2018 and 2021. But prosecutor Linda Karlsson does not want to confirm that there are any financial motives behind what has happened.

– Something like this has not been on the agenda at all when we discussed this, says defense attorney Stefan Liliebäck

Economics has not been a theme raised during interrogation?