Russia/Africa: new milestone for the St. Petersburg Summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech at a Russia-Africa conference, in Moscow, March 20, 2023. AFP - VLADIMIR ASTAPKOVICH

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Russian President Vladimir Putin held a speech on Monday, March 20 in the most solemn room of the Duma which, according to the Russian authorities, welcomed representatives of just over 40 African countries. A further step in the preparation of the second Russia-Africa summit scheduled for St. Petersburg next July.


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From our correspondent in Moscow


Our country has always given and will continue to give priority to cooperation with African States. ", words spoken by Vladimir Putin in the most solemn room of the Duma, with its walls with high columns.

In search of new partners to face Western sanctions, also trying to consolidate its relations with those who do not condemn it, Russia presents itself more than ever with this objective: to advance a multipolar world.


We are ready to shape the global agenda together " the Russian president also said. To the countries worried about the tensions around the renewal of the agreement on cereals, to those who wonder what will happen if Russia says stop after the 60 days of extension that have just been decided, Vladimir Putin made this promise: to deliver free of charge in case of breach of the agreement the countries most in need, and this, in the same volumes as those they have enjoyed so far.

Russian diplomacy, for months, has been working on this deadline: St. Petersburg, at the end of July, the second Russia-Africa summit. The Russian authorities have it in mind: what will be scrutinized first is the number of participants.

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