During the academic year 2021-2022, three school attacks occurred in Skåne. Since then, the police have worked continuously to prevent new attacks and say that they receive alarms about potential school attacks every week, something that P4 Malmöhus was the first to tell.

"Here in region south, it happens almost every week that we have notifications that some school attack is going to happen," says Jarl Holmström, deputy regional police chief in region south.

"Many people who feel bad"

Jarl Holmström is concerned about the development and sees an increase in alarms received in recent years. The reason, he says, is above all that more young people suffer from mental illness.

"There are many people who feel bad, many who are prepared to resort to violence or show through an expression how bad you feel," he says.

Want to see a change in the law

In order to increase knowledge about planned school attacks, the police want to see increased transparency between different authorities.

"Often social services or health care have knowledge about young people who feel unwell, and here we need to exchange information, maybe they should even have an obligation to share information, in a different way than today," he says.

In that case, a change in the current privacy legislation is needed.

"We have already expressed that there is a great need to change the Privacy Act.