The ambulance reportedly took 27 minutes in connection with the accident in the hockey arena in Luleå. When the men play in the SHL league, there is always an ambulance on site.

"There are different rules for different hockey leagues. In the regulations for SHL, it is decided that there should be an ambulance ready and this has applied for the past 20 years, says Stefan Enbom.

Paying for the men's ambulance

Why aren't there the same safety rules in the women's SDHL league?

"We pay a quarter of a million a year for the ambulance to be on site during the men's matches. The women's league is not the world's richest league and the economy has an impact. But there is already a discussion about how we should make their matches safer with healthcare professionals on site, says Stefan Enbom.

The ambulance can be snatched

The fact that it took 27 minutes until the ambulance arrived at the scene of Sunday's accident was due to the fact that all ambulances in the area were busy elsewhere.

"Even when the men play, we can't be guaranteed despite the agreement that the ambulance is there for the entire match. The region prioritizes the alarms that come and if the ambulance is needed elsewhere, it will go where it is most needed, says Stefan Enbom.

How did you react to the accident that Jenni Hiirikoskis suffered?

"It was a nasty accident, but it was fortunate that there was a surgeon in the audience who could help while waiting for the ambulance," says Stefan Enbom.