It was at about 10:15 a.m. that a Boeing B-52H Stratofortress from the U.S. Air Force thundered in over Jönköping. For nearly an hour, it then stayed in the area. Then the B-52 set course for Poland and after a few rounds there then again turned up against Sweden and Öland.

The Armed Forces tell P4 Jönköping that the B-52 participated in an exercise in the southern Baltic Sea together with Sweden. Why it has circled over Lake Vättern, however, the Armed Forces do not want to give any explanation for.

Set course for Saint Petersburg

The B-52 took off at 07:26 a.m. local time from Moron Air Baese in southern Spain. After it left Swedish airspace in the afternoon and the exercise it is reported to have participated in, the B-52 continued into the Gulf of Finland in the direction of Russia and Saint Petersburg.

At the height of Tallinn, it swung into Estonian airspace and at 14.45 again began circling, this time in the area between Tallinn and Narva on the Russian border.