China News Network, March 3 -- According to a comprehensive report, the news that "former US President Trump will be indicted" has attracted much attention, and Trump even said that he will be arrested on the 19st. Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev commented on this on the 21th, not without irony calling on "Americans to destroy Washington's tyranny", while US billionaire Musk predicted that if Trump is criminally charged, he will return to the White House with a "landslide victory".

Infographic: Former US President Trump.

"Americans, take back your country"

Medvedev posted at Trump's request?

Recently, senior officials familiar with the situation revealed that Trump may be indicted as early as next week for allegedly paying hush money to American "star" Daniels. Daniels previously identified Trump as having an extramarital affair with her in 2006 and paying her $2016,13 through a lawyer during the <> election for not being exposed. Trump vehemently denies this.

Trump posted on social media on the 18th, "The main candidate of the Republican Party and the former president of the United States will be arrested on the 21st. Protest, take our country back. ”

Infographic: Medvedev.

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, Medvedev then mentioned on social media Telegram that "on March 3, the United States wants to arrest its own people." ”

"Americans, take back your country! Into the fight! Destroy the tyranny of Washington! Medvedev continued. He also called for "the Biden father and son to be thrown into the dustbin of history" and jokingly said that the post was "made at the request of US presidential candidate Trump."

Still, some of Mr. Trump's advisers have privately urged him not to call on Americans to protest, fearing mass protests on the streets of Manhattan spiraling out of control or an incident similar to the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

More than two years ago, in his final days as president of the United States, Trump repeatedly urged supporters to reject the results of the 2020 presidential election, which culminated in the riot at the Capitol on January 2021, 1.

"If you handcuff him, he will be the next president"

Musk also predicted so...

Trump has now announced his candidacy for the 2024 election. The possibility that he will be prosecuted next week has sparked online discussion about how the matter will affect his presidential campaign. US media has previously analyzed that this case may subvert the pattern of the 2024 US presidential election.

While Trump has civil lawsuits before and during his presidency, next week's criminal charges could mean a sharp escalation of his legal woes as he currently struggles to regain the White House.

However, there are also many people who hold different views.

American billionaire Musk posted on Twitter predicting that if Trump is criminally charged, he will return to the White House with a "landslide victory."

New York law enforcement said on the 18th that it is preparing for security for Trump to be prosecuted and appear in the Manhattan courtroom. One user shared the message on Twitter with the caption, "Trump could be handcuffed and arrested next week because he could be prosecuted." Will this be the end of Trump? ”。

Later, a user with an account named "Viva Frei" retweeted the tweet with the caption, "If this happens, this will be the beginning of Trump's re-election." In response to the "viva frei" tweet, Musk commented that "if this happens, Trump will be re-elected with a landslide victory."

Image source: Adams social media screenshot

The well-known American cartoonist Scott Adams also agrees with Musk that Trump's prosecution will improve his chances of winning the US election. "If they handcuff Trump, he'll be your next president," Adams said.

Trump's defense lawyer, Joe Tachopina, also believes the move could allow Trump to be "re-elected president." "I believe it will put him in the White House," he said.