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They are everywhere. In the marquees, in the big events and some even at the Cannes Film Festival. Most refer to them as influencers but a few years ago they started the Imagine Being an Entrepreneur saga and entered the business world. Name the brand, The glow filter or Goi are some of the examples that represent this wave in which influencers decided to undertake. It's not Zara. They created brands that don't have to be known by everyone, but everyone who knows the influencers who created them knows about their existence.

They are symbiosis. Name the brand is the Madrid María Pombo, with 2.9 million followers on Instagram, Glowfilter is Marta Lozano, with one million followers, Goi is also the model Jessica Goicoechea, with 184,000 followers. The merger is undoubted. But it does not have to indicate anything in figures. The Head of Strategy of the communication agency Sammy Alliance, Teresa Jarabo, recognizes that "not everyone is good for everything". Undoubtedly, they have an impact and even their own gala.

Whether it's on Tiktok or creating a podcast, which is what it is now... If you stagnate you die

Gigi Vives

Last week the Idol Awards were held for the second consecutive year. It is her second time and its creator is Aida Doménech (Dulceida), someone whom her colleagues point out as a precursor of this profession and who has 3.3 million followers on Instagram. Among the guests and nominees for the awards there was everything beyond Instagram: influencers, gamers, even singers. Among them was Andy McDougall, with 162,000 followers, who said that there are colleagues who enter the venture without knowing their risks very well.

- Is it better to say that you are an influencer and entrepreneur?

- Of course, and many do not earn a single euro.

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He knows what he is talking about because his clothing brand, Malibu Outfiters, works for him in Argentina but when he decided to start in Spain he did not get the income he expected. And it has nothing to do with his origin, most of his followers are Spanish because he rose to fame as a result of his relationship with Pelayo Díaz. "A business, of whatever kind, is going to take a long time to give you money. In Argentina I have even been able to open several stores, and even if you do well you do not become a millionaire either."

- So why do they do it?

- Because they think it's easy

For this influencer, who has dedicated most of his life to Public Relations, many times it does not compensate: "An influencer earns much more with a collaboration than with a company, and it involves much less work: if it is clothing -like most- you have to make shipments, returns ...". But not all can be compared, depending on their level of followers there are microinfluencers, nanoinfluencers and also macroinfluencers.

Submission to the image

According to last year's Influencer Marketing Hub study, Dulceida's fees for inserting advertising content vary between 5,000 and 8,000 euros. María Pombo for each photo she uploads to her Instagram account where she mentions a brand would charge between 3,000 and 5,000 euros and it is unknown how much she can earn with her own clothing firm Name The Brand, which at the moment has 137 thousand followers. "When you have a considered number of followers you want to go further, and create your own product," explains Luc Loren, intimate of the chosen one, Dulceida, but also activist, DJ, presenter ... And of course content creator, with 291,000 followers.

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Although it is not so much the ambition but the feeling that they can be left behind. Or certainty. In this sense, communication expert Teresa Jarabo is clear: "If an influencer disappears from the network, it is most likely that his brand will disappear little by little." Therefore, the submission to be brand image: "They take pictures of themselves all the time to promote their brand because the one who buys from one of these stores does so because they want to identify with the influencers who have founded them, to be them". But for some, it's not worth everything. Among the commandments of omnipresence is "to be responsible for your content and consistent with your words because it is not worth anything and incompetent are everywhere," says Luc Loren.

Being an influencer is a profession already consolidated in Spain, where, according to the analysis of the agency 2btube, there are more than 9,100 professional content creators, named for having more than 100,000 followers in one of their social networks. Now the social network that monopolizes almost all the attention is Tiktok, when most got the Imagine being through Instagram. Will they be able to continue everywhere? Gigi Vives, opened her first blog at age 14 and now has 27 and 431,000 followers on Instagram. She does not feel pressured but believes that she must be in constant adaptation. And fast. "Whether it's on Tiktok or creating a podcast, which is now... If you stagnate you die", says the Catalan.

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