Greece: Police chief sacked after violent clashes during protests

Riot police confront protesters during a 24-hour nationwide strike over the country's deadliest rail disaster last month, Athens, March 16, 2023. REUTERS - ELIAS MARCOU

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In Greece, police chief Constantinos Skoumas was sacked after violent clashes between police and protesters this week in Athens. The Greek government has acknowledged the mistakes made by riot police, just over two weeks after the deadliest rail accident in the country's history... An accident that aroused the anger of the Greek population.


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A 24-hour general strike, massive demonstrations punctuated by violence... The repercussions of the rail disaster of February 28 continue to be felt in a country deeply traumatized by the tragedy.

Highly criticized by the demonstrators and declining in the polls, the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis decided this Saturday, March 19, to dismiss the head of the Greek police, Constantinos Skoumas, making him responsible for the violent clashes that punctuated the last demonstrations.

The Prime Minister's Conservative Party in trouble


We will learn from our mistakes " said Prime Minister Mitsotakis, whose conservative party is struggling ahead of general elections due to take place by June. After the rail disaster that killed 57 people, the Minister of Transport resigned. The stationmaster involved in the accident and three other officials have been charged.

But nothing seems to be able to appease the anger of the Greek population, who denounce the deterioration of infrastructure and public services in the country, since the financial crisis of 2009.

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