DRC: Bulengo camp in Goma on the verge of saturation

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Bulengo camp near Goma in North Kivu is home to more than 100,000 people. © Paulina Zidi / RFI

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North Kivu province is facing a major humanitarian crisis. Nearly 800,000 people have been displaced over the past year mainly because of the conflict linked to the M23, a rebellion, supported by the UN in particular by neighboring Rwanda and which has for a year conquered part of the province of North Kivu of which Goma is the capital. In the city the camps are saturated. This is the case of Bulengo. It is located on the axis linking Saké to Goma and more than 100,000 displaced people now live there in very difficult conditions.


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With our special envoy in Goma, Paulian Zidi


Welcome to Bulengo... The tone may seem cheerful and yet, it is a dramatic situation described to us by Jean Liongolo, of UNICEF. "It is a camp that has hosted since January about 22,000households which, in terms of people, represent around 130,000 peoplewho fled the clashes that took place on the Kitchhanga axis. And as a result, these populations live in very, very difficult conditions. The situation is really catastrophic at this site in Bulengo.


Last January, there was nothing. Now, in Bulengo, there are makeshift tents as far as the eye can see. A camp for displaced people whose needs are very important, according to Ismael, an official of Doctors Without Borders. "So far, there are people who don't have shelter yet, there are people who are still short of food, there are still other basic needs that would have to be covered and so there are still many things to do in this camp.


As for the medical centre set up by MSF, Dr Destin adapts from day to day. "We started with a slightly small workforce, but the number is adding up because people keep coming.


Although the fighting has decreased in intensity, Bulengo camp still hosts new displaced people every day.

Bulengo camp near Goma in North Kivu is home to more than 100,000 people. © Paulina Zidi / RFI

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