Overseas media reported that UBS, Switzerland's largest financial group, has proposed to acquire Credit Suisse, which is facing financial instability, for up to 10 billion dollars or Japan yen for more than 1300 billion yen.

On the other hand, it has been reported that Credit Suisse is showing reluctance, and it seems that negotiations are being held at the last minute.

Credit Suisse's business performance has deteriorated due to a series of scandals and poor risk management. In addition, the outflow of customer funds has not stopped, and there is growing anxiety about management, such as the sharp drop in stock prices on the 15th of this month.

As a result, UBS, backed by Swiss financial authorities, is likely to be in talks to acquire Credit Suisse's business before the start of financial market trading at the start of the week.

The Financial Times, a British financial newspaper, reported on the 19th that UBS has proposed to acquire Credit Suisse for up to 10 billion dollars, or Japan yen, for more than 1300 billion yen.

This proposal is well below Credit Suisse's market capitalization, which is approximately 17 trillion yen, which indicates the value of Credit Suisse companies as of March 1.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg in the United States reported that Credit Suisse was reluctant to accept this proposal.

It is also reported that Swiss authorities are considering nationalizing all or part of the company, and it seems that last-minute negotiations are underway.