Central African Republic: 9 Chinese killed in attack on mining site near Bambari

Location of Chingbolo, in the Central African Republic. © RFI

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In the Central African Republic, nine Chinese nationals were killed in an attack on the site of a Chinese mining company in the village of Chingbolo, near Bambari, about 400 kilometers northeast of Bangui in the center of the country. According to local sources, the attack also injured two people. The assault was carried out in the early hours of Sunday, March 19, by armed men.


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The attack began around 5 a.m. this morning. The shots were heard by several residents of the city of Bambari. But it was 25 kilometers away, in the village of Chingbolo, that the site of the Chinese company Gold Coast Group was targeted, while according to local sources, the company had just launched its operating activities 5 days ago.

The mayor of Bambari, Abel Matchipata, says the nine Chinese nationals were shot in the head. Their bodies were transferred to Bangui. The two injured were also transferred to Bangui for treatment. For the mayor, "there are only rebels to carry out this kind of attack".

Rebels from the CPC, the Coalition of Patriots for Change, are suspected of leading the assault. But the CPC denies any involvement in the attack. In a statement, the rebel movement blames "Wagner's Russian mercenaries" and the Central African authorities.

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