"And one soldier in the field, if he is tailored in Russian," – such a caption accompanies a video shot from a copter in the SVO zone on the Svatovo - Kremennaya route on March 10. As specified, in the footage, a fighter of the assault detachment of the 488th MSP of the 144th MSD of the 20th OA, Private Alexander Maltsev, single-handedly captures the enemy trench. He eliminated three militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and took two prisoners.

The video went viral on March 16. However, Alexander had been killed in action three days earlier. He was 47.

Maltsev was born and raised in the city of Labinsk, Krasnodar Territory. He served in Chechnya, where he was awarded the medal "For Courage". He was married twice, from his first marriage he had a daughter Daria. His mother Nina Konstantinovna and younger brother Sergey still live in Labinsk.

"We learned about Sasha's death from the Internet. Mom is now in serious condition, it is very difficult for all of us to accept. The last time we saw each other was last fall. And on the phone, communication was very rare, "he told RT.

Sergei remembers Alexander as a "just big brother." His real passion was sports. Together with his brother, they were engaged in football, professionally played for the team of the district and the city. "Sasha was always aware of what was happening in both football and hockey," his younger brother recalls.

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In his hometown, Maltsev left many friends. Gennady, the man's best friend, grew up with him in the same yard, played in the same football team.

"Since childhood, Sasha was for justice, was the first to come to the rescue. At the same time, positive, friendly. My children are now in shock – they loved him very much, and he carried them in his arms. At the enterprise where Sasha worked, the whole team is grieving. He was just a man with a capital letter, a good worker, a good father. I loved my daughter very much. When she came from Moscow, I saw how he treated her, how he was worried and happy for her, "Gennady told RT.

In Labinsk, Alexander met his second wife, Oksana. The couple lived in St. Petersburg for 12 years, divorced in 2022, but maintained friendly relations.

"At the beginning of last March, I left St. Petersburg, and Sasha stayed there," says Oksana. "They sold a common apartment, for part of the proceeds he bought himself a room in a communal apartment."

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Maltsev was drafted as part of a partial mobilization in September, his ex-wife continues. "At the very beginning of the special operation, Sasha said: 'If they call me, I will go to defend the Motherland.' He served in the border troops, so as part of a partial mobilization, he was called up in the first place, because he was in hot spots, all this passed. My husband never hid, he was registered in the military recruitment office, but since we often changed our place of residence, the summons came to the old address. A neighbor from the previous apartment brought it, and Sasha himself came to the military recruitment office. He left at the end of September," she says.

According to Oksana, when her ex-husband left for the SVO zone, he asked her only one thing: "If suddenly something happens, help your daughter to arrange an apartment for herself." As if I felt something.

Oksana did not have time to come to St. Petersburg and see off Alexandra: "This is sad, of course." He was accompanied by a childhood friend from Labinsk Sergey, with whom they played football all his life. A week after the send-off, Sergei was also mobilized and is now at the front.

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According to Oksana, the fact that Alexander Maltsev went to storm the trench alone is characteristic of him.

"Sasha was such a person in life: even if you do not take wartime, you never took myself at work, I always worried more about the cause. He comes home from work and says, "Oh, my eyes hurt from welding," and I told him, "Sasha, you need to take care of yourself." He is one of those who is ready to give the last shirt, and he himself needs to be forced to be treated, drink pills, make sure that he recovers. He never felt sorry for himself, everything is for others," she recalls.

"The last time Sasha and I spoke was in early February. On my birthday, he sent a text message with warm congratulations. And the day before I had a long conversation with my mother – they always had a very good relationship. It's also a big loss for her. Honestly, it still does not fit in my head, it still seems to me that all this is not true and this is some kind of mistake, this cannot happen. It seems to me that I will not be able to believe it at the funeral, for me he is still alive, "said Oksana.

Now documents are being prepared for the submission of Private Alexander Viktorovich Maltsev to the title of Hero of Russia posthumously.