Have you missed William Kjällman's matchless dance to Zara Larsson's new single "Can't tame her"?

The artist himself did not do it, shared it in his social media and now Williams' moves have been seen by an audience of millions.

When SVT meets the 10-year-old at Antnä's clubhouse, a few days have passed since the clip spread like wildfire.

But it is not the first time he has let loose in the stands.

- I usually dance almost every match.

I drive by feel, he says.

Zara is number one

He is overwhelmed that Zara Larsson has seen and shared the clip.

- She is the favourite.

One hundred percent!

The Swedish artist has millions of followers and with a twinkle in her eye invited William to be her guest on stage during the Lollapalooza festival.

- It would certainly be nervous, but it would be great fun.

Challenges SVT's reporter

In the clip, William shows the dance that made him viral - and you see when SVT's reporter Adam Berlin tries to keep up with the choreography.

Without revealing too much, the 10-year-old doesn't have to immediately pick up his chin from the floor.

Everyone should have someone who watches someone like Zara Larsson watches William Kjällman from Antnäs.

Photo: Zara Larsson's Tiktok/Anna Wallbrandt, SVT