, Guangzhou, March 12th (Cai Minjie Cheng Kai) The steel deck of the Zhongshan Bridge, the core project of the Greater Bay Area, was completed on the 12th.

  On that day, the pavement area reached 22,600 square meters, which once again refreshed the record of hot-mix epoxy asphalt steel bridge deck pavement set by the project.

According to Tang Lingwei, project manager of the S15 project of Poly Changsha-Shenzhen-Zhongshan Passage, with the completion of the steel deck paving of the Zhongshan Bridge, the cumulative construction area has exceeded 150,000 square meters, accounting for about 40% of the total steel deck paving.

  "In addition to the large construction volume, the construction of the asphalt layer on the steel bridge deck must withstand the high temperature in summer without deformation, and it must also have good followability with the underlying steel plate. At the same time, it faces unfavorable construction environments such as high temperature, humidity and rain in the open sea." Tang Lingwei introduced that the construction team has developed 8 sets of new equipment, including intelligent spraying and intelligent brushing, and built an information platform integrating dynamic video and Beidou positioning to realize digitalization and intelligence in the entire process, ensuring high-quality and efficient construction. It was completed a month ahead of schedule.

  The Shenzhong Channel is a super-large cross-sea cluster project integrating "bridges, islands, tunnels, and underwater intercommunication", with a total length of about 24 kilometers.

  The Poly Long-Shenzhong-Corridor S15 bid project department is responsible for the construction of the entire line surface engineering, focusing on the steel deck pavement of the two heavy traffic long-span main bridges of Lingdingyang Bridge and Zhongshan Bridge and the approach bridges in the east-west flood discharge area. About 380,000 square meters, equivalent to 53 standard football fields, is the world's largest steel bridge deck pavement project of the same type.

  At present, the construction of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Corridor project is fully advancing towards the goal of being completed and opened to traffic in 2024. The pavement project has completed the first phase of steel bridge deck pavement construction, and the next step is to implement ordinary asphalt concrete pavement on the concrete bridge deck. The hoisting construction of steel box girders has been carried out. The submarine immersed tube tunnel has completed the installation of 31 pipe joints, and the last pipe joint (including the final joint) is being prefabricated. The construction of the east and west artificial islands is steadily advancing.