The 'kiss of the dream' is a method of stealing that consists of dissolving a drug in the glasses of the victims so that they remain unconscious and then stealing from them.

It was common among thieves a few decades ago after gaining the trust of its victims, all men, promising intimacy with them.

Now, the Mossos d'Esquadra have arrested a suspect of allegedly using this method with people of the same sex.

The agents have arrested a 37-year-old man for six violent robberies by chemical submission to other men whom he met on dating applications, on the street or in nightclubs in the city.

He is accused of the crimes of theft, bank fraud, robbery with violence, injuries, sexual assault and robbery with force and the Barcelona court ordered his admission to prison.

Agents have located an accomplice and an arrest warrant has been issued.

The detainee used dating applications or contacted directly on the street or in nightclubs in the city with men with whom he began a relationship.

Once his trust was gained, he would invite them to a drink where he had previously put medicine or drugs, which caused the victim to become unconscious.

He then took the opportunity to steal their house keys and enter his home to steal valuables that he found, such as credit cards, money, watches, jewelry, and mobile phones.

Then he used credit cards to make fraudulent purchases.

According to the Mossos, she obtained more than 33,000 euros with stolen objects and another 7,000 euros in fraudulent purchases. In addition, one of the victims reported a sexual assault while she was unconscious.

The first robbery took place last October and the other five in the first three months of this year.

The suspect acted in the same way.

With false identities, he established a cordial relationship with the victim and if he was on the street or in a disco "he had no problem drugging his victim at that moment and leaving her lying unconscious on the ground," according to the Mossos.

He then took the opportunity to steal the keys to his house and went to his home where he quickly stole the valuables and credit cards that he later used.

In one of the cases, the victim together with a friend of his invited the suspect to his home and he showed up with a drink that both the victim and his friend drank.

Both were unconscious and hours later, when they woke up, they saw that the man had taken several belongings from them.

The images from the home's security cameras allowed the perpetrator to be identified.

On another occasion, the victim met two men in the Garden of the Three Chimneys in Barcelona and they began to talk there.

They offered her a beer and when she drank it she fell unconscious on the ground and woke up hours later in a hospital.

When they finished carrying out the corresponding medical tests, she went to his home and verified that they had broken into a robbery and taken valuables from both him and his roommate.

Later he verified that they had made fraudulent charges with his mobile phone.

The Mossos identified the two suspects and arrested one on March 3 while the other has a search and arrest warrant.

In addition, they searched the hotel room where the detainee was staying and found credit cards in the names of the victims, jewelry, loudspeakers, mobile phones, watches, money, and documents with different identities.

A bottle of pills was also located that he allegedly used to drug the complainants.

After going to court, he entered prison.

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