Regarding the proposal to appoint economist Kazuo Ueda as the new governor of the Bank of Japan, the Constitutional Democratic Party has decided to support it, saying that he can appreciate his positive attitude toward the verification of large-scale monetary easing.

The government has appointed Kazuo Ueda, a former BOJ board member and economist, as the new governor of the BOJ, and Ryozo Himino, former commissioner of the Financial Services Agency, and Shinichi Uchida, a governor of the BOJ, as the two vice governors. I have presented a personnel plan to appoint to the Diet.

Prior to voting on the personnel proposal, the Constitutional Democratic Party discussed the response at the "next cabinet" meeting on the 7th.

As a result, we decided to support Mr. Ueda, the presidential candidate, because we can appreciate his positive attitude toward verifying large-scale monetary easing.

Of the deputy governor candidates, Mr. Himino was in favor, while Mr. Uchida, who served as a board member of the Bank of Japan under Governor Kuroda, was opposed, claiming that he was responsible for the failure of monetary policy. I was.