Strong winds and heavy snowfall will hit large parts of the country on Tuesday.

SMHI has issued an orange warning for northern Götaland, northern Skåne and eastern Svealand.

In the rest of Svealand and Götaland, as well as on Gotland and Öland, a yellow warning applies.

- It starts tonight along the west coast.

Then it will come in over Västergötland, Småland, Skåne and Blekinge where there will be strong winds in the far south.

In Svealand, there can be up to 30 cm of snow in some places, says Deana Baijic.

- Later on Tuesday afternoon, the snowstorm moves in over the Stockholm area, so then it can be difficult when people go home from work, says Deana Baijic.

"Work from home"

The storm may cause traffic delays due to accidents, slippage, poor visibility, and snowdrifts.

Public transport, trains and flights also risk being delayed or canceled during Tuesday and Wednesday.

The storm is also likely to cause disturbances in the electricity and telephone networks, warns SMHI.

Especially in areas with open landscapes that have not had time to clear snow, traffic accessibility may be very limited during Wednesday and Tuesday.

- Have winter tires, and work from home if you have the opportunity, says Deana Baijic.

Large amounts of snow are expected

The snow storms are expected to last until Wednesday evening.

According to the forecasts, the wind will increase on Tuesday and it will blow hardest in parts of Skåne, Bohuslän, Dalsland, northern Västergötland and Östergötland.

In the far south, the snowstorm may partly change to rain during Tuesday.

- But the winds are not so strong compared to previous storms.

What will cause problems is above all that large amounts of snow are expected to arrive, says Deana Baijic.