China News Agency, Beijing, March 3 (Reporter Pang Wuji) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Natural Resources of China on the 3rd that China's cultivated land area will stop decreasing and increase for the second consecutive year in 2022, achieving a net increase.

  According to the Ministry of Natural Resources, the preliminary summary results of the 2022 National Land Change Survey show that, taking December 31, 2022 as the standard time point, China’s national cultivated land area is 1.914 billion mu, a net increase of about 1.3 million mu compared with the end of the previous year; construction land is 630 million mu. mu, a net increase of about 4.4 million mu compared with the end of the previous year, and the annual growth rate dropped from 0.83% to 0.70%.

In the fields of Shigatse, Tibet, "two oxen carrying the bar" and tractor plowing are carried out at the same time.

Photo by Jiang Feibo

  In recent years, the situation of China's cultivated land protection is not optimistic.

According to the data of the third national land survey, in the 10 years since the second national land survey, the types of cultivated land in China have decreased by 113 million mu, and illegal occupation of cultivated land has occurred from time to time.

  The Ministry of Natural Resources revealed that, based on the clues to the outflow of cultivated land found in the 2021 and 2022 national land change surveys, organized localities to steadily carry out the investigation, rectification, rectification and re-cultivation of cultivated land outflows on the premise of respecting the wishes of farmers and preventing "one size fits all".

After many efforts, the continuous decline of the total cultivated land over the years has been initially curbed, and on the basis of the first stop of the decrease and the increase of 1.2 million mu in 2021, a net increase of the country's total cultivated land has been achieved for the second consecutive year.

The data picture shows farmers in the Three Gorges Reservoir area rushing to seize the fine weather and busy spring plowing Photo by Yuan Xuanguo

  At the same time, the Ministry of Natural Resources reformed the management method of land use planning, insisted that "projects follow the plan, and land elements follow the project", combined with the preparation of national land space planning, optimized the layout and structure of urban and rural construction land, strictly delineated the boundaries of urban development, and forced local governments to increase The continuous high net growth of the total construction land has slowed down due to the rectification of the large stock of construction land, revitalization of approved but unsupplied land, and idle low-efficiency land.

  The Ministry of Natural Resources stated that in the next step, according to the deployment of the 2022 national land change investigation work, it will organize and launch national-level internal industry inspections, "Internet +" online spot checks, national-level field spot checks, and database quality inspections to ensure that it will be released before the end of June this year. Final Findings.

At the same time, analyze and study the trends and problems in land use and natural resource management reflected in the current preliminary summary data, and combine the implementation of land space planning to carry out regular medical examinations and assessments of land development and protection status, timely correct and investigate illegal land use, and continuously strengthen and improve natural resource management.