On Monday morning, Peter Petersson called in parliament politicians, the hunters' association and the farmers' federation (LRF) to a press conference at home on the field in Stahlt.

- We cannot bear this cost ourselves anymore.

If the state has now decided that we should have wild boar in our Swedish fauna, which I am not opposed to, the state must also pay for the damage caused by the wild boar, says Peter Petersson.

"Used for twelve generations"

According to Peter, it costs him roughly SEK 100,000 per year to repair the damage to the fields, after the wild boar has been there and cleared.

Now he is tired, and tells us with sadness that there is no more grain growing on his land.

- It's boring.

The land has been farmed for twelve generations, that's over 300 years.

Food for survival has been produced there for many years, and an animal must break that survival, says Peter Petersson.

Not unreasonable

Also present was Monica Haider (S), Member of Parliament from Älmhult.

She believes that Peter's proposal that the state should compensate farmers for the costs of repairing wild boar damage is not completely unreasonable.

- I get to make motions in the Riksdag and push the issues further with Rural Affairs Minister Peter Kullgren.

It's just a matter of continuing, says Monica Haider.

You said here before that there is no point in writing motions, because they are usually voted down.

Is that so?

- Sometimes you get an approval for a motion, but in the main it's like that.