It will soon be three weeks since the massive earthquake hit Turkey on the 6th of this month.

Local business activities remain stagnant, and there are concerns about the impact on the local economy.

In Turkey, many shops, factories, port facilities, etc. were damaged, and according to the Turkish Enterprises and Employers Union, the 10 affected prefectures suffered economic damage of 84 billion dollars (11.4 trillion Japanese yen). yen).

Of these, according to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Southern Kahramanmaras, only about 5% of the local manufacturing industry has been able to confirm the resumption of activity.

Kahramanmaras is known as the birthplace of "Dondurma", which is famous in Japan as a stretchy ice cream.

The ice cream company, which has been in business for about 170 years, sets up tents on the factory site and provides meals for employees and local residents who can no longer live at home.

However, at the factory, the machinery that cools the goat's milk has broken down, and production has fallen to about 20% of what it was before the earthquake.

In addition, 20 of the approximately 2,000 employees died, and some people were missing or evacuated far away, and there are concerns about a labor shortage in the future.

Attila Kambur, an executive of this company, said, "It is difficult for this situation to continue, but I would like to overcome it with my employees."

Kahramanmaras Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mustapha Brunthu said: "To keep workers, the government should provide housing for the disaster victims and help companies to pay higher salaries than other regions." doing.