China News Service, February 10th, according to Yonhap News Agency, the Civil Division 201 of the Seoul Central District Court of South Korea made a first-instance judgment on the 10th on the first lady Kim Gun-hee's lawsuit against the online media "The Voice of Seoul" over the "Recording Gate" incident, and sentenced some of her He won the lawsuit and asked the defendant to pay 10 million won (approximately RMB 54,000).

The picture shows Yoon Suk-yue and his wife Kim Gun-hee (left) at the presidential inauguration ceremony.

Photo by YANG DONG WOOK issued by China News Agency

  In January 2022, during the 20th presidential campaign, "The Voice of Seoul" announced that it will release the recording of the call between the media's photographer Lee Myung-soo (voice) and Kim Gun-hee together with MBC TV.

  Kim Gun-hee then filed a fake disciplinary application (preservation measure) to the court to prohibit the disclosure of relevant content of "The Voice of Seoul". rights will be severely violated.

  But the court accepted only part of its request, allowing the media to publish most of the content.

Accordingly, the Voice of Seoul and MBC released most of the call recordings.

  After that, Jin Jianxi sued the "Voice of Seoul" to the court, claiming that the media recorded private conversations without his consent and maliciously edited the recording files, which violated his privacy and personal dignity, and damaged his personal reputation. The defendant is required to pay 100 million won in compensation.

  The "Voice of Seoul" claimed that the relevant interview activities were legitimate.