The Philippine government will repatriate to Japan on the 8th two suspects, Yuki Watanabe and Tomonobu Kojima, whom Japan is seeking extradition in connection with a series of wide-area robberies.

President Marcos leaves for Japan while the repatriation of all four people is in sight.

In connection with the series of wide-area robberies, the Japanese police suspected

Yuki Watanabe,

Tomonobu Kojima,

Seiya Fujita, and


Imamura on suspicion of being involved in other special fraud cases. He requested the Philippine side

to obtain arrest warrants for the four of them

and hand them over.

Among them, Fujita and Imamura, who were repatriated to Japan on the 7th, followed by Watanabe and Kojima, who will also be repatriated to Japan on the 8th by plane departing Manila.

So far, the immigration facility in the capital Manila, where the two are detained, has had few people coming in and out, and there has been no change in appearance.

The Philippine government has aimed to realize the repatriation of four people by President Marcos' first visit to Japan starting on the 8th.

Lemuria's Justice Minister said he was "satisfied" that all four had been repatriated.

President Marcos is scheduled to depart Manila prior to the deportation of Watanabe and others, and plans to meet with Prime Minister Kishida and others during his stay in Japan until the 12th.