One of the series that Linus Fremin recommends this week is "Limbo" on Viaplay.

In the series, we get to follow three mothers who go through a crisis together after their sons are involved in an accident.

According to Fremin, it is an anguished but nevertheless brilliant production.

- I actually want to warn those who think it will be too difficult to watch, but I think it is portrayed well, he says of the drama.

The other series Fremin hints at is "Girls5eva", which follows four middle-aged women who decide to reunite with the band they broke through as young people.

The series is brighter than the former.

- It's fun to go into the nostalgic!

The last series Linus Fremin hints at is "Tell me everything", which is about 16-year-old Jonny who suffers from depression after he has been part of a tragic event.

Watch trailers from the series and hear Linus Fremin tell more about them in the clip.