“The Council of Europe… is looking for a contractor to provide services to support and maintain the operation of websites, develop front-end and back-end design to ensure, as necessary, the further functioning and development of the CEC: Enlightenment online platform at the request of the Council of Europe,” the Council of Europe said in a statement. description.

This tender will be implemented as part of the Council of Europe project “Support for Democratic Elections in Ukraine”, which will last until the end of 2024.

As follows from the document, it aims to ensure that local and national elections in Ukraine comply with "democratic principles", as well as international and European electoral standards. 

The activities of the project should be aimed, among other things, at the reintegration into the political life of Ukrainian voters living or living in the "de-occupied territories", stressed in the CoE. 

The total budget of the initiative will be €950,000, of which the Council of Europe is ready to provide up to €55,000 for this tender. 

Last year, the Council of Europe announced plans to finance the work of consultants who will help Kyiv in carrying out constitutional reforms and changing the electoral law.

The Council of Europe was convinced of the need to consider holding elections "after the victory of Ukraine."