China News Service, Seoul, February 8 (Reporter Liu Xu) On the afternoon of the 7th local time, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon held a press conference for foreign media at the Seoul City Hall.

When answering questions from Chinese media, Oh Se-hoon said that South Korea and China are politically interconnected and have important influence on each other, and look forward to closer exchanges between South Korea and China.

  Oh Se-hoon said that perhaps the relationship between South Korea and China is the most important part of South Korea's diplomatic relations, and Seoul is particularly interested in the exchange of tourism industries between South Korea and China.

Although the tourism industry has been affected to a certain extent during the COVID-19 epidemic, the two sides should achieve closer exchanges on this basis, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government will also establish fuller cooperation with the South Korean central government.

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon held a press conference for foreign media.

Photo by Liu Xu

  At the press conference that day, Se-hoon Oh also shared his views on issues such as Seoul's urban development policy in the post-epidemic era and improving the welfare of vulnerable groups.