Intensive deliberations are being held at the House of Representatives Budget Committee.

Prime Minister Kishida explained the background to the dismissal of the Prime Minister's secretary for discriminatory remarks about same-sex marriage, and apologized again, saying, "It is truly regrettable and I apologize to those who have caused discomfort." .

At the House of Representatives Budget Committee on the 8th, Prime Minister Kishida and related ministers attended, and intensive deliberations were held on themes such as security and countermeasures against the declining birthrate.

Liberal Democratic Party Mr. Miyashita's secretary dismissal

Ichiro Miyashita of the Liberal Democratic Party said, "Prime Minister Kishida aims for a sustainable and inclusive society that recognizes diversity," in relation to the dismissal of the secretary to the prime minister for his discriminatory remarks about same-sex marriage. It is extremely regrettable that a secretary to the prime minister was forced out of his job," he asked about the government's thinking.

Prime Minister Kishida said, ``There should be no unfair discrimination or prejudice based on sexual orientation or gender identity, diversity should be respected, and all people should value each other's human rights and dignity, and live actively. We must aim for a society where people can do what they want.The series of remarks made by the former secretary to the prime minister is completely out of line with these government policies and is outrageous."

After that, he apologized again, saying, "It is truly regrettable that I have caused misunderstanding about the government's policy, and I apologize to those who have caused discomfort," and will continue to carefully explain the government's policy. showed an idea.

Ritsumin Former Prime Minister Noda over tax increase policy due to increase in defense spending

Former Prime Minister Noda of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDP) said, ``If you really want the public to bear the burden, you should do it in a fair and open way by saying that this much money is needed for defense. If the Liberal Democratic Party talks about raising taxes, I want them to do something.

Prime Minister Kishida said, ``We have been working to reduce the number of members so far.The reduction of the number of members is an important issue that is related to the foundation of democracy, so it is important to continue the discussion.''

Turkish Earthquake Prime Minister ``Consideration of necessary support based on local needs''

Following the earthquake near the Syrian border in southern Turkey, Prime Minister Kishida said, "I once again express my sincere condolences to the deceased and their families, and extend my sympathies to the injured. I apologize," he said.

He added, "The Japanese government has just dispatched a rescue team of the Japan Disaster Relief Team to Turkey, but we will continue to consider necessary assistance based on local needs. Although we have not received any information that there are any, we will continue to do our best to collect information on the damage situation in the area and to ensure the safety of Japanese residents."