The National Assembly approved the appointment of 25 people from 9 organizations, including the chairman of the Fair Trade Commission, proposed by the government on the 8th.

The House of Councilors voted at the plenary session on the 8th for personnel proposals for 9 organizations and 25 people that required the consent of the Diet, which the government presented earlier, and agreed to all of them.

Under the personnel plan, former Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary Kazuyuki Furuya will be reappointed as chairman of the Fair Trade Commission, and Yayoi Tanaka, a former specially appointed professor of an independent administrative agency, will be reappointed as an inspector of the Board of Audit. .

In addition, former Financial Services Agency Director-General Hidenori Mitsui will be reappointed as chairman of the Deposit Insurance Corporation,

and Nikkei BP Chairman Hirotomo Nomura will be newly appointed as a National Public Safety Commissioner.

Regarding the personnel proposal, the House of Representatives agreed on the 7th, so the consent of the Diet has been obtained.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Kishida has expressed his intention to present to the Diet within this month the appointment of the successor to Kuroda, the governor of the Bank of Japan, whose term will expire in April.